JaMarcus Russell To Be Released?

04.28.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Oakland Raiders fatty JaMarcus Russell looks like he’ll be heading out the door, and not to the buffet, even though that sounds really good right now. I wonder if Al Davis takes him to the buffet and tries to pass him off as a ten-year-old, because my dad totally did that. But no, seriously, his ass is getting canned.

Reports indicated the Raiders have already set up Russell’s release and only need the confirmation of owner Al Davis to finalize the matter.

Russell, 1st overall pick in 2007 NFL entry draft, is expected to receive $9.45 million ($3 million in guaranteed money) for 2010.

The Raiders laid the groundwork to dispatch Russell after they dealt their 2012 fourth round draft pick to the Washington Redskins for quarterback Jason Campbell Saturday. –All Headline News.

JaSuckus might have earned the easiest $39 million ever. Some people will point to this as Exhibit A for rookie salary caps. Well, (a) rookie salaries are already constrained by NFL rules, and (b) even when he was drafted, he was a horrible No. 1 pick. So why should the Raiders have to spend all that money on him? Because they were terrible the year before and it’s fair that they pay a premium for choosing off the top of the pile. JaMarcus had one good year at LSU, which apparently was enough to be the biggest NFL bust not named Ryan Leaf.

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