Jameis Winston Shows Off His Brilliant Football Mind By Drawing Up A Crazy Play From Memory


Jameis Winston worked out at the NFL Combine on Saturday and showed the skills that will most likely make him the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft. But perhaps more impressive than what he did on the field was his one-on-one with Steve Mariucci on NFL Network.

The two simulated the interview process that Winston would go through with potential NFL head coaches, which included Mariucci drawing up a play using some foreign language that only football players can understand — BROWN RIGHT A-RIGHT 2-JET FLANKER SHORT POST X-SHAKE — and then having Winston draw up the same play from memory minutes later. It was all very awesome, and showed Winston’s football mind is as strong as his arm. You can watch the whole thing here.

But the best part was when Winston dropped this little nod to the team he hopes to be playing for next season:

“We have Jerry Rice right here.”

“You’re not gonna have him.”

“Well, hopefully I have Vincent Jackson.”

Vincent Jackson is a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Bucs, who own the No. 1 overall pic. And Winston will more than likely be throwing to him in 2015.

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