James Corden Sent His Sisters To Invade The NFL In England, And The Results Were Fantastic

On Sunday morning, there was a really bad American football game played in England between the Giants and Rams. If you watched it instead of, I dunno, doing yardwork or something, then I’m sorry. The NFL is determined to slowly kill us all with garbage nationally televised games (looking at you, 6-6 Sunday Night Football tie).

But some good has come of NFL games in England in the form of James Corden’s very British sisters. The Late Late Show host sent them to learn about and enjoy the Colts-Jaguars game in Wembley earlier this month, and he released the hilarious results yesterday.

Next up on the British football slate is the Redskins vs. Bengals on Sunday. As a Washington fan I can assure that game won’t be worth watching either.