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I was totally ready to bag all the comparisons of topical sports people and everyday household objects to Michael Vick, but that was all before James Harrison’s pit bull took a bite out of the Pittsburgh Steeler’s kid. At least Vick had the decency to fight dogs against other dogs and not his own children. Which begs the question: would such a dog vs. child bout be refereed by a dog? Or by a human? One couldn’t give any indication of bias; that’s bad for business. The only fair way to answer would be “robot” or “chimp.” But I digress:

Steelers linebacker James Harrison’s young son is being treated at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh after being bitten by an animal — apparently Harrison’s pet dog, WTAE Channel 4 Action News has learned.

A source told reporter Ari Hait that the injuries to James Harrison III are severe, but not life-threatening.

Neither the Steelers nor the hospital commented on the hospitalization, and nobody’s 100 percent sure that it was actually Harrison’s dog. And Harrison almost certainly isn’t operating nor a dogfighting ring as I jokingly suggested. That said…pit bulls are a scary breed of dogs, and I don’t know why you’d own one unless you wanted it to fight another pit bull or eat your two-year-old child. I don’t really have a funny way to end this, so after the jump is a link of this guy that went to anti-terrorism school. And we were doing so well today…

|The Pittsburgh Channel, via KSK|

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