James Holzhauer Dominated Again To Set Up His ‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament Of Champions Rematch

James Holzhauer will get his chance at Jeopardy! revenge after all. The quiz show phenom won his Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions semifinal match and will, indeed, get to challenge Emma Boettcher, the woman who ended his 32-game run as champion earlier in the year.

Holzhauer dominated his appearance in the tournament’s quarterfinals last week, and he did the same on Tuesday, following Boettcher’s own victory in the first semifinal with a dominant runaway that set up the rematch that Jeopardy! fans have waited for since the tournament roster was announced in July.

Holzhauer found a Daily Double on his first pick of the game and never trailed, setting up another Final Jeopardy that he didn’t need to get correctly in order to advance. Jeopardy! has long hyped Boettcher and Holzhauer up on social media as the tournament approached and when the matches actually went down, so it’s no surprise the official Twitter account did the same on Tuesday following Holzhauer’s win.

After the win finally hit airwaves, Holzhauer revisited a Twitter thread from July 10, when the Tournament of Champions lineup was first announced and he made some puns at Boettcher’s expense.

His tweet on Tuesday was another pun, but one that was certainly meant to hype up Jeopardy! fans about their finals rematch.

Wednesday’s episode will let us know who will join them in the two-day final for a chance to win $250,000. The favorite is likely Francois Barcomb, who won the Teachers Tournament and dominated his own quarterfinal matchup last week.