James Holzhauer Claims ‘Jeopardy!’ Producers Aren’t Complaining About His Big Bets

05.09.19 4 months ago


James Holzhauer continues to bask in the glow of Jeopardy! success, and you can’t make him apologize for how he’s gone about winning more than $1.6 million over the course of 22 games of the trivia show. Holzhauer is a pro sports bettor who has a knack for the buzzer, wagering big and knowing just about everything the show throws at him.

Much has been made about his strategy and what he’s done to brutalize opponents 22 minutes at a time, dominating the board and making huge wagers on Daily Doubles to amass leads the other contestants on the show can’t keep up with. It’s led to some critics saying he’s ruining the game, or perhaps not playing within the spirit of the rules.

But Holzhauer isn’t going to apologize for how he plays, and says he’s not trying to intimidate anyone with his style. And, perhaps more importantly, while Jeopardy producers can stop you from betting certain amounts, they aren’t upset with the big numbers Holzhauer has put up in the prize fund. Holzhauer spoke to The Washington Post about how, among other things, he might have a bright future in baseball after his Jeopardy! playing days are through.

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