Here’s Who James Holzhauer Will Face In The ‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament Of Champions Semifinals

The Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions enters its second round this week, and we finally know who James Holzhauer will play in his quest to win another $250,000 of quiz show cash. Holzhauer, who won more than $2.4 million in a 32-game win streak earlier in the season, may actually get a chance at revenge over the player who ended that run.

But first comes another trio of big Jeopardy! matchups between proven winners. Holzhauer will have to defeat a pair of other contestants on Tuesday’s episode, and Emma plays on Monday against some tough competition as well. So we’ll know about a rematch soon, but there’s far more than just Emma and James left in this one.

On Sunday, Jeopardy! revealed the matchups for the Tournament of Champions semifinals.

Here’s who will play in the three semifinals matches this week.


Emma Boettcher


Chicago, Illinois
User Experience Library

Dhruv Gaur


Gainesville, Georgia
Student at Brown University

Kyle Jones


Aurora, Colorado
Music Teacher

Emma may be the most familiar face for Jeopardy! fans familiar with Holzhauer’s run, but Gaur also got a big win in the Tournament of Champions and also won the college tournament. He knows what these semifinal games play like, and certainly makes this first showdown interesting. Jones, meanwhile, was a wild card from last Monday’s episode.


James Holzhauer


Las Vegas, Nevada
Professional Sports Gamblier

Steven Grade


Atlanta, Georgia
Sports Industry Consultant

Rachel Lindgren


Bend, Oregon
Astronomy Interpreter

Holzhauer is the big name here, and the only player in this matchup to win a Tournament of Champions game to qualify. Grade, meanwhile, had the highest non-winning total and was the top wild card spot. Holzhauer remains the favorite here, but Steven and Rachel certainly can play and will be a tough test.


Francois Barcomb


New Paltz, New York
11th Grade Physics Teacher

Gilbert Collins


Princeton, New Jersey
University Administrator

Lindsey Shultz


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Physician Healthcare Analyst

Barcomb was dominant in his opening round matchup on Friday, with a big Double Jeopardy run to make it a runaway victory. He’s also a tournament winner, as he took home the top prize in the Teacher’s Tournament. Gilbert, meanwhile, won his Tournament of Champions matchup on Monday while Lindsey is our final wild card entrant in the semifinals.

Once the game winners are decided, the three will play in a two-day cumulative total tournament to pick the overall winner. If Emma and James win we’ll have a rematch of the game that ended Holzhauer’s historic run. If not, we’re in for a hell of a final regardless.