James Toney To Disable Randy Couture

08.26.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

As UFC 118 approaches, the headlining rematch between BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar for the Lightweight Championship has taken a back seat to the intriguing debut of former heavyweight boxer James Toney. In what UFC President Dana White has called a “circus act,” Toney will take on UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture, showcasing a clash of styles between Toney’s powerful punches and Couture’s atrocious acting.

But Toney’s style may be a bit more technical than casual MMA fans like myself are expecting, as he’s brought in Trevor Sherman to teach him how to fight against and break “Brazilian locks.” Who is Trevor Sherman, you ask? He’s the man who teaches FBI agents how to fight with their bare hands. He’s also the man who has never trained a MMA fighter before, but he says that he’s impressed with how quickly Toney has picked up his teaching. Well I’m sold, now if only there was a video of Sherman’s teaching styles after the jump…

See? All Toney has to do to win on Saturday night is to get Couture to swing at him once and then stand perfectly still. Heck, Toney can even take on two fighters at the same time if he wants. Sherman (the bald guy in the video playing the role of the ass-kickee, by the way) will have fighters banging down his door in no time once this is a success.

Meanwhile, BJ Penn, who is typically considered… less than cordial with his opinions said that he thinks the addition of Toney to UFC is great for everyone because it will attract viewers, meaning more money for the other fighters. Sounds harmless enough except that he set it up by saying, “What’s worse than having the WWF champ as our heavyweight champ?” I dunno, having the WWF Women’s Champ?

Video and quote via Cage Potato.

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