James Van Der Beek's NCAA Tournament Picks Are Just Plain Strange

In our ongoing quest to highlight the NCAA Tournament brackets of random celebrities and the President of the United States – you know, for science or whatever – we already took a look at model and actress Brooklyn Decker’s picks. Well, it turns out that CBS had the entire cast of Decker’s new show Friends with Better Lives fill out brackets, and I probably just ignored the rest because I don’t know who Rick Donald is and I don’t care whether or not E from Entourage thinks Tennessee is the most potentially dangerous 11-seed in tournament history (he doesn’t). But then there’s the show’s star, James Van Der Beek, and I always want to know what the Beek is thinking about the hot issues of the day.

Upon further review…

As it turns out, Van Der Beek is one of three types of people when it comes to filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket:

1) He’s really lazy and just Christmas trees the whole thing until it’s complete, because “Come on, bro, sports? Really?”
2) He has absolutely no clue how this entire tournament works, from the seeds to the matchups, and that’s why he has a 2-, 10, 4- and 5-seed in his Final Four, and of all teams, the Saint Joe’s Hawks winning the whole thing.
3) He has the world’s most intense attention to detail, and he spent days looking at stats and game footage to make picks that even most professional analysts would scratch their heads at.

Either way, congrats, St. Joe’s! You’ve got the Beek power on your side.

(GIFs via James Van Der Memes)