Jamie Collins Got Ejected From Lions-Bears For Gently Headbutting The Referee

The first full Sunday of the NFL season got off to a rollicking start with everything you love about pro football. You had ghastly turnovers courtesy of the Cleveland Browns, great plays by stars young and old, and even an absurd ejection in the first half of the Lions-Bears game.

Detroit linebacker Jamie Collins got sent to the locker room early after making the bizarre decision to demonstrate how he hit someone on a referee, very gently headbutting the ref in the chest — despite knowing that purposeful contact with an official, no matter how gentle, is grounds for ejection.

It’s simultaneously one of the dumbest and funniest things we’ll likely see on a football field all season. Collins clearly doesn’t mean any malice behind this, but we know the rules here and know that referees don’t take kindly to any player contact. The best part is the celebration of the Bears player realizing what happened, as while their may not be any fans in attendance, we haven’t lost any of the petty between divisional rivals.

The Lions will now have to go the remainder of the game without their star linebacker who has the next few hours to contemplate what the hell the plan was there that led to his ejection.

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