Japan Turns Peeing Into A Competition

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12.16.10 4 Comments

I haven’t owned a video game console since the Playstation 2, but thanks to those creative bastards over in Japan it may be time to change that and install the latest gaming craze – a urinal. Apparently the fine people at SEGA have turned our favorite sports halftime recreation into a competition of its own with a video game that allows us to challenge our friends to literal pissing matches.

While there’s not much context to explain this awesome new game, you can see in the video after the jump that your stream takes on the character of an angry little cherub that is relieving himself into a soda can. Your flow’s strength and volume is detected by a small sensor on the wall of the urinal so you can finally replace that sticker from a sh*tty local band. As your flow decreases, an angry sensei appears and encourages you to not dishonor your family. Sadly, there are no tentacles present.

Video of this game after the jump, be thankful it’s not a live stream *bow tie spins, squirts plastic crotch flower*…

That must be a hell of a bragging right, too:

Guy 1: “Hey bro, how’d you piss tonight?”
Guy 2: “447 ml, bro bro. How about you?”
Guy 1: “980 ml, world record, son.”

Don’t feel left out, though, ladies. Rumor has it Nintendo will soon release an American version for women’s publis restrooms called, “So You Think You Can Squat?”

(Video via Buzzfeed)

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