This Taiwanese Baseball Announcer Got Bizarrely Personal After A Manny Ramirez Home Run

04.30.17 12 months ago 2 Comments


Manny Ramirez is still being Manny and still hitting dingers, in case you were worried that he somehow wasn’t anymore just because he was no longer in Major League Baseball. Ramirez now mashes baseballs in Japan, and a recent home run from Manny elicited what could very possibly be the greatest home run call of all time from the Taiwanese announce crew.

It’s not a majestic call like Duane Kuiper’s “He hits one high … he hits it deep” from Barry Bonds’ hey day, or a Hawk Harrelson “You can put it on the boooooard, yes!” No, this call has some pain to it. This announcer has been through things and is letting that hurt out, one Manny Ramirez bomb at a time.

“This ball is long gone, just like the ex-girlfriend who will never return! Home run!”

What an amazing call. This is what would happen if you let Drake call a baseball game. There’s some serious pain there, but then again, the pain is usually what creates the best art and this is most certainly art. I want to know if this guy has more #sadboy feels masquerading as excited baseball calls.

I can hear his strikeout call now. “Swing and a miss, strike three! He struck out just like I did at the bar last night! Strikeout!”

Let that pain out, buddy. Let it out.

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