Jared Allen Made The Greatest Retirement Announcement By Literally Riding Off Into The Sunset

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Jared Allen announced his retirement Thursday morning, concluding what could be a 12-year Hall of Fame career, but was definitely a nice career for No. 69. The 33-year-old let the world know he was riding off into the sunset by posting a video to Twitter in which he rides off into the sunset.


Is that technically a sunset though? And don’t cowboys or football players dressed like Stetson men ride off into that sunset a bit more slowly? That’s more like a gallop off into the fog, but whatever, Allen had 136 sacks in his career and 22 in 2011 with the Minnesota Vikings, so he can do whatever he wants.

Another reason Allen can do whatever he wants? He was a star off the field too.

Allen appeared in the cinematic classic Jackass 3D and was such a gentleman that he allowed Johnny Knoxville to wear his No. 69. The clip called upon all of Allen’s acting skills, as he was asked to hit Knoxville as hard as humanly possibly and, well, he did.

“Murder Knoxville’s face.”

Allen may have fallen one game short of a Super Bowl with the Carolina Panthers this season but no one can take away the time he crushed Knoxville on a crossing route while Sean-William Scott refereed.

(Via Twitter)