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Get it? ‘Cause he already has a vagina? That one has a mustache too! However, some people are curious about the origins of the new facial gash that Giambino is sporting these days. Turns out that gash has been worked in the restroom as well.

“I would like to have something to tell you, something like a fight or anything else,” Giambi said. “But it was nothing like that. I walked into the bathroom door at the hotel and split it open.”

The cut resembled a gash a boxer would get during a fight, but didn’t keep Giambi out of the lineup.

“There was so much blood the maid probably was wondering where the body was hid,” said Giambi.

Ah, so Jason’s adventures with Jack have taken him to new and wondrous places, like into doors, walls and sharp corners of tables. Sadly, one place they won’t be journeying together is the playoffs. At least the maid he has at home has developed a familiarity with his period blood. Club soda lifts it right out!

[Big League Stew]

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