The Eagles’ Jason Kelce Took That ‘House Negro’ Comment And Turned It Into A Compliment

01.20.16 3 years ago
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Philadelphia Eagles guard Jason Kelce is one of the two holdovers of the Eagles’ once-dominant offensive line from the first year of Chip Kelly’s Eagles tenure, and unlike tackle Jason Peters, Kelce has never made a peep about being dissatisfied with anything. Some people would view that as a virtue — a man who keeps his misgivings private so as not to show discontent in the media. Well, some in the media feed on that discontent, like Philly sports radio DJ Josh Innes, who said some downright confusing things with NSFW language on WIP Tuesday.

We’re not going to blockquote it here because it’s inane and offensive, but essentially Innes said that because Kelce showed up early for the press conference announcing Doug Pederson as the new head coach of the Eagles, it proves that, like a “house Negro,” Kelce’s loyal to a fault even when bad stuff is going on, aligning himself with management when bad stuff is going on. It’s a baffling comparison, and that’s even before you get to the fact that a white man is using a slavery term (containing a racial slur) on a fellow white man. Innes apologized later in his show, explaining that he really meant that Jason was more of an “Eddie Haskell,” which is a Leave it to Beaver reference — basically a reference to a time when white people could get away with saying “Negro.”

True to form, Kelce’s response to this idiocy was pure class:

Like Kelce says, loyalty and politeness shouldn’t be subject to mockery. Then again, what else do you expect from sports radio, nuanced discourse? Keep doing you, Jason.

(Via Crossing Broad)

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