Jason Kelce’s Crazed Eagles Super Bowl Parade Promo Was Chock Full Of F-Bombs

NBC Philly

The NFL season ended on Sunday with the Philadelphia Eagles upsetting the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52. That meant the city of Philadelphia got to have its first ever Super Bowl victory parade, and after its wild celebrations on Sunday, expectations were high that Philadelphians were going to go all out.

Perhaps its fitting, though, that the highlight of the parade was not a football moment, but rather a wrestling promo in the style of a 5-minute speech from Jason Kelce. The Eagles center lost his damn mind in an epic speech during Thursday’s parade, screaming out praise for everyone involved in the Eagles’ victory and getting the crowd going as his teammates cracked up on the podium behind him.

Oh, he also dressed in a Mummer’s outfit, from a traditional parade held in Philadelphia. NBC Philly aired the video unedited before quickly adding in some bleeps, but we’ve got the NSFW version below if you’ve got some headphones nearby.

There’s a lot to cover here, but it’s clear that Kelce is not holding back. He talked about the rebirth of Eagles executive Howie Roseman. He also called The Ringer’s Mike Lombardi a “clown” for criticizing the team’s decision to stick with head coach Doug Pederson heading into this season, which got Lombardi booed a bit.

The best part was the long list of things that is wrong with various players on the Eagles, with the crowd eventually doing the “WHAT?” response to every criticism. It’s a hell of a promo, and he definitely won’t be speaking normally on Friday morning.

There are a ton of F-bombs in there as well, because it wouldn’t be a Philadelphia championship parade without the F-word. And speaking of Pederson, he seems to be doing just fine in Philadelphia these days.

Better hands than Tom Brady, that’s for sure.

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