Watch Former UFC Fighter Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Get Arrested … Again

Getty Image

It was a bad weekend for former UFC and mixed martial arts star Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller. The MTV Bully Beatdown host was arrested for misdemeanor battery and resisting arrest in Laguna Beach California outside of a bar called The White House.

According to witnesses at the scene, cops were called after Mayhem started smashing glasses out on the patio. When they showed up, he allegedly made a run for it before trying to fight them. Video obtained by shows an intoxicated Mayhem yelling that he didn’t do anything illegal while being cuffed and put in the back of a police cruiser.

The general consensus of the crowd outside the club is that police were being heavy handed, with one man repeatedly asking “Why don’t you just take the drunk guy home?” That being said, drunk herds often try to protect their own because they understand “There but for the grace of Captain Morgan go I.”

Once one of the biggest names in the sport outside of the UFC, Miller has a 28-9 record with wins over names like Robbie Lawler, Tim Kennedy, and Sakuraba. But everything started to go skidsville after an 0-2 run in the UFC left him unemployed with a serious knee injury.

Since then Mayhem has run afoul of the law multiple times, once for breaking into a church naked and thrashing the place, and several times afterwards over a toxic relationship where he was accused of kicking, choking, and urinating on his alleged victim. While serving a warrant to his house related to that case, police officers ended up in a five hour standoff with Miller – who live-tweeted the whole thing in capslock.

So in comparison, this latest arrest in Laguna Beach, California for misdemeanor battery and resisting arrest seems pretty tame. But there’s no denying it highlights the continued downward trajectory Mayhem has been on over the past five years.