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Jason Peter was an All-America at Nebraska before the Panthers made him their #1 draft pick in 1998.  His injury-plagued career lasted only four years… but his drug abuse alone should be able to land him in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  From Peter's new memoir:

When you swallow sixty Vicodin, twenty sleeping pills, drink a bottle of vodka, and still survive, a certain sense of invulnerability stays with you. When you continue to use drugs with the kind of reckless determination that I did, the limit to how much heroin or crack you can ingest is not defined by dollar amounts but by the amounts your body can withstand without experiencing a seizure or respiratory failure.

SI's Peter King followed up with an interview:

Vicodin. Ambien. Cocaine. Crack. Heroin. GHB, the date-rape drug. Lots of others I've never heard of… Nights and weeks with prostitutes so numerous … well, so numerous that his Madame at a high-rolling Manhattan brothel ran out of girls for him…

It got to the point, he told me, "where it was easier to buy five eight-balls of cocaine than it was to buy 500 Vicodin.'' That's what led to the rampant drug use.

That's what's so great about cocaine: you don't need a prescription.  Of course, it would be wrong to lionize Peter just because he took lots of drugs and used every whore in a brothel… but you've gotta admit, that sounds pretty cool.  Normal people don't survive that.  It's like they cross-bred Amy Winehouse with Secretariat.

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