Jason Pierre-Paul’s Gnarly Post-Accident Photo Of Himself Might Make You Queasy

01.25.16 3 years ago


What with the NFL season all but over, it’s understandable if you may have forgotten the craziest storyline the league had before any of the games were played — no, not Deflategate, but the saga of Jason Pierre-Paul’s mangled hand! It combined all the excitement of fireworks accidents with the subtlety of contract negotiations, but you know what it conspicuously lacked? Blood!

We didn’t get any looks at JPP’s disfigured limb until the healing process was well under way, but now that the dust has settled on Pierre-Paul’s troubled season, the New York Giants defensive end shared a post from the immediate aftermath of his dalliance with amateur fireworks displays. The hand’s still bandaged for obvious reasons and JPP is clearly conked out from painkillers (as we hope he would be after such a painful injury), but the image is still pretty bloody.

Pierre-Paul posted it as a reminder of the depths from which he’s risen, but given that he’s heading into unrestricted free agency, it might only remind teams of the idiotic act that torpedoed his (and the Giants defensive line’s) season, depressing his value with the dreaded “off-field concerns.” But failing that, at least it could be a poster for fireworks safety!

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