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Actually, I want apologize for that headline (but not for ridiculing TO's alleged suicide attempt, because that was intended). By referring to the Raiders' newest wide reciever exclusively by his first name, I'm insinuating that Javon Walker–the same guy that Brett Favre ran out of Green Bay when he bitched about his contract–is among the elite at what he does. He's not. But the Raiders have no use for your logic and reason, not when they have all this cash to give away.

Tired of being teased by the rest of the league after giving Tommy Kelly that ginormous contract, the Raiders may have one-upped themselves by giving oft-disgruntled receiver Javon Walker a six-year, $55 million contract that guarantees $16 million and will be worth $27 million in the first three years.

So a guy that missed 8 games last year with a leg injury got a fatter contract than Randy Moss AND Bernard Berrian. Holy shit, free agency is just out of control this year. In fact, the Jets just called and offered me $10 million over three years. I'm thinking of holding out for fifteen. –Monday Morning Punter

[Football Outsiders]

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