Jay Cutler Is Still Unemployed, But His Butt Is Doing Work In This Photo

We are going to show you a picture of Jay Cutler’s bare butt. Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Okay, here we go:

And now we will talk about this photo of Jay Cutler’s bare butt.

On the one hand, this is an intimate photo. Kristin Cavallari may have snapped it without Cutler realizing. She may have seen the beauty of the sky and water paired with her husband’s nude body and decided the overwhelming wonder before her had to be captured for eternity in a picture and shared with the world.

Or maybe he just woke up after killing a bottle of tequila the night before, stumbled outside nude thinking he was in a bathroom and peed off the edge into the ocean with an unlit, half-smoked cigarette in his mouth. In an effort to get his picture, she scrambled but only snapped the shot after he was done and accidentally captured a majestic-looking Cutler gazing out into infinity. And then maybe he wandered back into the abode crashed back on the bed before she inevitably had to rouse him to go to breakfast.

Both of those are possibilities. The caption leaves open an infinite amount of possibilities so this picture of Jay Cutler’s butt is a choose your own adventure. Choose yours.