Jay Cutler Is Gonna Throw Picks, Bro

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08.12.10 7 Comments

Since being traded to the Chicago Bears in 2009, Jay Cutler has hardly been the elite quarterback that Bears fans thought they were getting. Instead, the 27-year old Vanderbilt product threw almost as many interceptions (26) as he did touchdowns (27). Cutler’s first season with the Bears saw his total yardage from his previous season in Denver drop more than 900 yards and his INTs increase by 8. But Bears fans need to chill out, because Cutler told local ESPN radio that he’s going to throw picks. Oh yes, Bears fans, he’s going to throw some picks.

Cutler’s comments came as multiple Chicago news outlets have made his proneness to throw interceptions a preseason theme. In fairness to Cutler, he deserves to be upset about this focus on his mistakes, as he was also sacked 35 times last season and fumbled the ball 9 times as well. You’ve got to evenly spread the criticism gravy on this Chicago Bears biscuit.

Take this one back for a touchdown, Pro Football Talk:

“I’m going to throw some this year. I’m not going to lie about that. There are going to be some balls that are picked off. It’s part of the game. But we can’t worry about it,” Cutler said on ESPN Radio in Chicago, probably with one of his shrugs that drives sportswriters crazy.

“The guys are going to get knocked off routes, something is going to happen, the defender is going to get in the way, and the ball’s going to be gone,” Cutler said. “That’s part of this offense. It’s not a read and see what happens and let it fly, it’s a read and let it fly. So balls are going to be in the air.”

For some additional insight, I reached out to my good friend J-Cutty for his preseason thoughts on his propensity for interceptions, as well as his relationship with new offensive coordinator Mike Martz:

“Sup brah, just chillin’ out here at preseeze, brodoggy. So check it out, like, I know that I threw some picks last season, duder. I’m not a ‘tardski. Sh*t’s gonna happen, broslam. It’s like, you know when you and your broheim are double doggin’ a broad, Eiffel Tower style – you know, one in the back and one in the yak – and, like, you know you wanna switch it up and go DP, rubbin’ her raw in the hole slaw. Dude, your rod’s gonna pop out and slap some skin. It’s gonna low-five the other dude’s dongdaddy. One time at Vandy – WOOT WOOT! – me and my Broseph Stalin were bangin’ this Theta Pi out and he’s goin’ to town doggy style and I’m down there pinchin’ the Grinch, know what I’m sayin’? And BOOM – his d*ck flops out and lands on my mouth. And I’m like, Dude, you gotta press on and keep nailin’ this broad. You can’t just cease her crease because you get a little ‘mo, bro. That’s not how J-Cutty works. That’s how we got the name Commodore 69. And you know what, Bromeo Crennel? My d*ck is gonna hit Mike Martz’s chin, dude. And he’s gonna wipe it off and keep f*cking this offense.”

The Bears open preseason play Saturday against the San Diego Chargers.

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