Jay Cutler Isn’t Very Popular

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01.24.11 17 Comments

As Chicago Bears fans and even current NFL players have ripped QB Jay Cutler for having no heart in the Bears’ 21-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship, it has been revealed that J-Cutty actually tore sprained his MCL yesterday and that’s why he couldn’t return to the game. But it didn’t help that he was walking around, standing upright and riding the stationary bike, leading many fans to think he was simply being a sissy little girl and a quitter. While medical reports (and Cutler’s teammates) are now telling us the real story, we certainly can’t take back the reactions from yesterday.

Reports that Bears fans were burning Cutler jerseys in the parking lot started hitting Twitter almost immediately after the game and sure enough there are videos of fans expressing their displeasure with J-Cutty by dousing his jersey with gasoline. However, I think it’s a bit juvenile for people to burn Cutler’s jerseys, especially when there are so many Chad Henne jerseys that should be destroyed first.

Video after the jump…

Use your headphones if your employer frowns on naughty words, but my favorite part of this video is that it was recorded before the game was even over and Hanie at least made it interesting. Oh well, Chicago, at least the Cubs start playing soon.

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