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We haven’t said much about this feud between new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels and his quarterback, noted diabetic and Grumpy Gus Jay Cutler. Basically McDaniels stood by while the Broncos front office tried to shop Cutler on the free agent market, and when Jay found out, he went to his room and he hasn’t come out since. So ESPN is reporting that there was a conference call on Monday to try and patch things up. How did that go?

A Broncos source with knowledge of the discussions said that two sides did not grow further apart in Monday’s conference call and that issues were discussed openly and it was re-emphasized to Cutler he will not be traded.

The first source said McDaniels wouldn’t confirm or deny whether the Broncos initiated the trade talks. The Broncos did, though, tell Cutler that every player on the team could be traded and he could be traded at any time. Still, Denver owner Pat Bowlen also stated in the conversation that Cutler will not be traded. The Broncos publicly said Cutler will not be traded last week as the Cutler trade frenzy was in full force.

So how does Cutler feel now? He…wants to be traded, or given some kind of long-term commitment from the Broncos. What kind of commitment, like a promise ring? Or just give him the old, “Nothing’s wrong, baby” and wait until he leaves town and then sleep with his best friend. This is why you never move in with a girl until you’re 50. Especially if she’s a quarterback.

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