Jayson Werth Delivered A Spectacular Profanity-Laced Postgame Interview After His Walk-Off Winner

When you think about it, it’s pretty surprising that we don’t see athletes swear on live television more often. After a win or a loss, emotions are usually high, and then a person promptly shoves a microphone into an athlete’s face. He or she is then asked to analyze the game with some amount of eloquence and detail, and oh by the way, we’re on live TV, so make sure you’re cognizant of the fact that there may be kids watching and don’t say anything controversial.

Jayson Werth does not care for these societal norms. He’s had himself one heck of a week, as Werth is hitting better than .400 over the last seven days including a pair of walk-off hits. One of those came on Wednesday night in a 5-4 extra innings win over the Cubs.

So Werth got on television. He, a pretty passionate dude, was asked to react in the moment. And by god, did Werth do just that. We won’t transcribe his answers because they’re a little NSFW, but know that Werth swears, is told not to swear again, and then swears a few more times.

Between his gravelly voice, his flowing, bountiful hair, and his ability to use profanity to fire up a crowd, Werth would be an outstanding lead singer for an 80s hair metal band.