Jazz Chisholm Might Be The Fastest Man Alive After Stealing Two Bases And Scoring On A Shallow Pop-Up

Every now and then, the Miami Marlins have a young player somewhere in their franchise that generates a ton of buzz. Time will ultimately tell if Jazz Chisholm, the No. 4 prospect in their system who is currently with the big league club, turns that buzz into consistent production, but at the very least, one sequence on Saturday night was extremely fun.

Chisholm got on base to start the bottom of the fourth inning during the Marlins’ tilt against the Tampa Bay Rays. He then showed off his speed by stealing second in a way that I find extremely funny, then stealing third, then scoring on the kind of shallow sacrifice fly that a player should absolutely not be able to score on.

Stealing third is always going to be impressive, and scoring on that shallow of a sac fly — especially when the guy in right field has a solid arm, which Austin Meadows of the Rays does — is super hard. But stealing second against a lefty before they even start their throwing motion, thereby letting them see you take off and respond straight away, is quite impressive. Chisholm had a cup of coffee with the team last season and stole two bases in 21 games, and we have a gut feeling he’s going to steal a whole heck of a lot more than two this year.