Because It Had To Exist, Here’s ‘Go Ligety,’ The Olympic Skiing Tribute To Blackstreet

Pro Wrestling Editor

Go Ligety JC Penny

If you’re like me (or, I’m assuming, any other red-blooded human being) you remember and love Blackstreet’s seminal 1996 hit ‘No Diggity.’ The video is one of the most 1990s things in existence. R&B singers in overalls! Dr. Dre in an Emmett Smith jersey! Lil’ Penny-inspired marionettes that can play piano!

Because ‘No Diggity’ should be remembered and honored forever, the most 1990s of clothing stores — JC Penney — has brought back the tune and given it parody lyrics in support of US Olympic Skier Ted Ligety. YEAH THEY HAVE. Sometimes you’re a guy who works for JC Penny and you think “Ligety” sounds like “Diggity” and you’re gonna make this happen whether they think it’s a good idea or not, God dammit.

You won’t find a 90s R&B/skiing parody anthem better than ‘Go Ligety’ this year, unless Sears makes ‘Ain’t Gonna Hurt No Bode,’ my tribute to Bode Miller in the style of Kid N Play. Until then, enjoy!

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