12.22.08 9 years ago 10 Comments

The highlight of yesterday’s Bucs-Chargers game — aside from the fact that it gives us a Philip Rivers-Jay Cutler battle royale for the AFC West next week — was Jeff Garcia opting not to slide after a scramble, and paying for it by getting Quentin Jammer’s shoulder planted into his helmet (video and more pictures after the jump).

I admit, I saw this and I was like, “Sweet!  There’s blood on his face.”  But the commentators really went crazy for it.  They were so excited it was like a couple tiger sharks were calling the game.  “GRRRR that’s some old-timey football!!!”  Please, it’s just a nosebleed.  I get those all the time when the pressure changes, and you don’t hear anyone calling me gritty.

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