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Carmella Decesare, wife of Buccaneers quarterback Jeff Garcia, was ruled the sexiest wife in sports in Co-Ed Magazine's ranking of the 20 Sexiest Athlete Wives.  Except Co-Ed didn't so much rank them as much as they listed them arbitrarily without any justification.  And somehow "girlfriends" and "ex-wives" now also count as wives.  And they also think Rony Seikaly's ex-wife Elsa Benitez is Vanessa Bryant

Basically, it's as lazily compiled and ridiculous as any argument on Slate, but at least Co-Ed got rid of the annoying words and put a decent amount of effort into creating sexy galleries of the ladies, which is really all I'm asking for anyway.  But watch out!  Those galleries are racy!  FanHaus writes:

By the way, be careful browsing the pictures at Co-Ed Magazine while at work.

Yeah, be careful.  You might see some photos from Stuff and Maxim.  You'll get fired for sure if your boss sees you looking at a little bit of cleavage.  Assuming your boss is Julian Thundercock at the Manhole, and you swore you were gay when you interviewed for the job.

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