Former Steelers Kicker Jeff Reed Got Kicked Out Of The Hall Of Fame Game

Remember former NFL kicker Jeff Reed? Played for the Steelers during most of the last decade? Once trashed a Sheetz bathroom? Got busted for being a drunk moron after beating the Browns. Is it even worth celebrating that you beat the Browns? Beating the Browns has the same satisfaction as paying a bill on time. Hooray, you did it, but you were supposed to do it.

Well, despite being out of the game for  years, Reed still thinks football is worth fighting for. He was spotted on Sunday at the Pro Football Hall of Fame game between the Vikings and his former Steelers. Who knows why he showed up? Maybe he still has a love for the team that put up with his shenanigans for eight years. Maybe he was just drunk and wandered in and the employees were too timid to stop him. Reed probably went to the entrance and when someone tried to turn him away, he shouted, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I DON’T BECAUSE I PLAYED FOOTBALL AND I HAVE CTE,” or something like that.

Whatever the case, he got past the guards and managed to watch at least a portion of the 14-3 crapfest before getting ejected for fighting:

Nobody seems to have any info on what sort of fight it was. Maybe someone told him Sheetz is alright. Reed probably just wanted to put up some sort of fight since the Steelers weren’t. Some fans who witnessed it say he got into it with a Steelers fan, others say a Pitt fan. Now, I realize that the HoF game is a joke and a travesty of the game of football, but is it worth fighting over? Probably not. It’s more of a “get depressed and think about what circumstances led you to be here” type of game. Fighting at the Hall of Fame game? This isn’t Jeff Reed the eccentric renegade kicker, this is a cry for help or, at the very least, an spirited attempt to have something interesting happen.