01.17.07 11 years ago 18 Comments

This is funny because it happened to someone at Notre Dame:

Last week, we were informed that senior wide receiver Jeff Samardzija was a consensus All-American for the second straight year. Upon further review…the NCAA has rescinded the honor.

When the organization compiled the list, it forgot to add the Sporting News second team All-American team. After adding the points for that team in, it knocked Samardzija off the squad.

Ouch. And by ouch I mean ha ha. Why do I think his new bumper sticker looks like this: TWO-TIME ALL-AMERICAN. And why is it so funny when bad things happen to Notre Dame?

Oh, that's right: it's because the Catholic church is still against all forms of birth control, including condoms. Thanks, Pope Whoever, but I'm not down with the notion that AIDS is part of God's plan. Suck it. 

[And yes, the picture is for the ladies (and non-traditional male readers homos). Don't say I never gave ya nothin'.]

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