Floyd Mayweather Will Have Jen Welter In His Fight Entourage, And People Are Upset

floyd mayweather welter
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Fresh off an internship as an Arizona Cardinals linebackers coach, Dr. Jen Welter has found her latest gig in the unlikeliest of places — in Floyd Mayweather‘s entourage.

According to TMZ Sports, Mayweather has extended an invitation to Welter, who became the first female coach in NFL history this preseason, to not only attend his September 12 fight against Andre Berto in Las Vegas, but also to join his entourage and walk him to the ring. Welter took to Twitter to confirm, and to announce she’d be accepting Mayweather’s invite.

As you might imagine, some people were very surprised that Welter would publicly support Mayweather, who has a long-documented (and unapologetic) history of domestic violence against women. Welter explained her decision by answering to some of the critics.

One of the many to call out Welter on her decision to support Mayweather was ESPN’s Michelle Beadle, who has been one of the most vocal sports media personalities when it comes to the boxer’s checkered past and history of abuse.

Does Mayweather actually want to change and make strides? Or is this just a savvy PR move on the Money Team’s part? Either way, Welter managed to go from being part of a great story to being part of a controversial one pretty quickly.

(Via TMZ Sports)