Dominant ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion James Holzhauer Explains His Hyper-Aggressive Approach

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James Holzhauer has ran up the score during his time as Jeopardy! champion. Through eight dominant performances, Holzhauer has racked up a ridiculous $460,479, making him second to only Ken Jennings for the most money ever won on the show, with his $110,914 outing serving as the best individual performance on one episode in history.

Watching Holzhauer’s aggressive approach to the game has been a blast, as he’s looked to use his experience as a professional gambler to his advantage en route to his success on the show. It’s a strategy that has obviously paid off, and it’s one that Holzhauer laid out to the folks at Variety.

Holzhauer explained his strategy as “strategically aggressive,” and pointed to Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy as the places where he can build up a cushion. He cites his experience as a sports bettor of teaching him to try and find the edges where the average player may not be, and how he capitalizes on that by being more aggressive than most are willing to be.

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