A ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Bet The Eagles Super Bowl Winning Score On A Daily Double

One of the most fun things about James Holzhauer’s dominant run on Jeopardy! earlier this year is that he was winning games with such ease he got to make wagers not for strategy, but to honor random people in his life. He used his daughter’s birthday, he shouted out nephews, and basically had the game in the bag so early on that he had time to plot out exactly what he wanted to do with an arbitrary number in Final Jeopardy.

Other players are not so lucky, which is why a bet of an uneven number often begs a question from the show’s host, Alex Trebek, as to what exactly that contestant is grinding toward. And on Thursday, one odd wager on a Daily Double did, indeed, have a very sporting purpose. Word of the bid circulated in Jeopardy! and Bird circles on Thursday after the show aired in most markets, and late Thursday night, Dan McQuade had snagged quality video of the most Philadelphia bid in the history of Jeopardy’s 36 seasons.

The category was One-Word Book Titles, and Adam found the clue and went for a big wager.

“I will wager $4,133,” Adam said, as Trebek asked if there’s any “significance” to the wager.

“It’s the Eagles Super Bowl winning score,” he said, as the audience took a moment to laugh.

Unfortunately for Adam, who was trying to keep contact with Jason ($10,800 to $9,000), he got the question wrong. He also found the second Daily Double of Double Jeopardy and bet big again — this time a more even number of $5,000. He got that wrong, too. Oh well. He can still take solace in knowing the Eagles won the Super Bowl.