The Jeopardy! Contestant Who Thought Magic Johnson Played In The NHL Isn’t Ashamed

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03.28.14 2 Comments

Yesterday, we brought you the story of poor Joe, a Jeopardy! contestant who had a brief brain fart and posed the question, “Who is Magic Johnson?” to a question about the NHL. Well, Joe wasn’t as poor as we thought. It turns out that Joe, despite this hilarious mistake, went on to win that episode from last week, despite his deficit to Diane, before losing on Monday. He revealed the details of his conquest on Reddit yesterday as that video clip started to “mildly viral,” as he put it, and the greatest takeaway from all of this is that he refuses to be ashamed about one very dumb answer.

Good for Joe. Who among us wouldn’t want the opportunity to not only win on Jeopardy! but also provide us all with one of the funniest wrong answer clips that we’ll ever see? Hell, if I were one of Joe’s friends, I’d keep that video on my phone for the rest of our lives, and any time we’re watching sports, I’d quietly take my phone out play it the first time he tries to make a prediction or talk about a player. But Joe probably wouldn’t care then either, because why should he? He won on Jeopardy!.


Joe actually revealed the gaffe in a Reddit AMA earlier this week. He was answering questions about his win from the previous Friday, while also admitting that he lost Monday’s episode before it had aired. Either way, he opened up about his mistake and laughed along with people.

People came to his defense, too, because when you only have a quick amount of time to answer a question, things can get confusing.

Other people just made very funny jokes and, again, he laughed along.

Some people were also just smug, know-it-all D-bags about it.

Ultimately, Joe was nice enough to answer some of the more important questions for everyone, including:

And most importantly:

Damn it, Joe. You could have been a Jeopardy! GOD.

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