Jeopardy! Finally Weighs In On The Badness Of The Houston Astros

It’s no secret that the questions on ‘Jeopardy!’ are purposeful statements on our culture, whether they’re meant to teach children about the hardships of life, sell products nobody wants or further Joni Mitchell-shame Taylor Swift. Monday night’s episode featured an answer featuring one of their bravest topics yet: the horribleness of the Houston Astros.

The ‘Stros finished 51-111 this season. A wardrobe change didn’t help them, sending Junction Jack to live on a nice farm somewhere far away didn’t help them, and a move to the American League mostly served to punctuate the statement that they are not the Texas Rangers. They lost 15-straight games to end the season.

Now, in the offseason, Alex Trebek is gonna kick them while they’re down. Here was the Astros-themed answer from Monday, courtesy of @Cody_Love. I’ll give you a minute to try to guess it.

Give up?

“What is a ‘blowout preventer?'”

Pretty cold, Alex.