The ‘Jeopardy!’ GOAT Tournament’s Contestants Tweeted Their Thoughts After A Champion Was Crowned

The biggest event in Jeopardy! history came to its conclusion on Tuesday night. In what might have been the most exciting evening of the Greatest of All-Time Tournament, Ken Jennings was able to edge out James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter en route to winning his third game and the title of the best to ever stand behind a podium.

Beyond the excitement that the show generated on its four-night run — and there truly was a whole lot of that if the ratings are any indication — all three competitors are great at using Twitter to keep the fun rolling along before, during, and after the various episodes. That continued at the conclusion of the show, as all three dudes got extremely online and kept up the banter.

Rutter, who struggled to get off the ground for large portions of the tournament, kept things pretty mellow. He congratulated his old pal, Jennings, for taking him down, then decided to lean into his status as a well-documented Philadelphia Eagles fan to make an NFL-themed joke at Holzhauer’s expense.

That last thing is a good burn from Rutter, although it’s hard to top Holzhauer getting one over on him during the final night of the tourney.

Holzhauer, who has been a very powerful poster ever since he first rose to fame on the show, started things off with a few pretty mild jokes.

He then decided to lean in, changing his name to GOAT Fodder and making his Twitter picture that of Iago from Aladdin — the show came down to knowing which Shakespeare character had the most monologues despite not being the titular character of one of his works. Jennings guessed Iago from “Othello” correctly, while Holzhauer did not get it right, handing the tournament to his rival.

From there, Holzhauer decided to thread out his thoughts on the show, praising Jennings for his performance.

He ended his tweeting for the evening with a few more jokes before praising Rutter, who had a rough few nights but has repeatedly shown that he’s one heck of a competitor on the show.

And then, there was Jennings, whose first address to the Jeopardy!-watching audience was that he plans on being a benevolent game show king.

He then ripped off a series of tweets, too, about how things went down, his competitors, and the show’s beloved host.

Jennings had a few final things to say amid all of this. One tweet was about the presidential debate that was happening that same night, one was about Andy Richter, and one was about the late Merv Griffin.

As Jennings said, it would be a bit weird for them to do this tournament again and again, so it’s safe to assume we won’t see him go up against Holzhauer and Rutter in this format again any time soon. Having said that, if they want to keep tweeting about one another and lovingly bust each other’s chops, we won’t complain.