‘Jeopardy!’ Trolled Mets Fans With A Question About White Flags


In recent months it seems that Jeopardy! has had some fun with its questions. Some of it seems branded, with smart devices getting to ask questions on the show instead of Alex Trebek. Other times, it’s simply a question that’s asked about a person who is excited to appear on the show. It’s all in good fun, and some of it is good profit for Jeopardy!, which could use a boost after all that money James Holzhauer won.

But on Monday night, for example, the show had an entire category about audiobooks on Audible, which certainly made them some money. But they also took the time to throw some shade at New York Mets fans in a category that wasn’t even really about sports.

A category about flags — Let’s Talk About Flags in Double Jeopardy, to be specific — had a question about a very bad New York Mets team and, well, giving up.

Objectively this is extremely funny, as long as you’re not a Mets fan. And it is a clever way to get a question about “white flags” into Jeopardy! without it being too obvious.

What’s funny about this is that it didn’t have to be about the Mets, and yet it was. And given the current slog the Mets are enduring, as well as the one referenced here, perhaps it’s more fitting than mean.