‘Jeopardy!’ Mocked Browns Fans And Its Contestants After A Disastrous Football Category


Jeopardy! gave sports fans a good laugh on Thursday night when it saw three certifiably smart contestants on the game show completely whiff on an entire category of football questions.

They didn’t just get all five questions wrong: no one bothered to even venture a guess at any of the questions. With no one ringing in, that left long pauses for host Alex Trebek to fill with a not-so-subtle dragging of poor Ryan, Sara and Justin.

Plenty of folks online enjoyed the spectacle, and late Thursday night the Jeopardy Twitter account upped the ante even further by doing its best Trebek impression and dragging the contestants once more. This time, they even got in a crack about the hapless Cleveland Browns.

It’s hard to argue that both the Browns and these Jeopardy! contestants don’t deserve this, as the situations are so similar. The Browns did, indeed, become the second team in the modern NFL to go 0-16 this season. That’s about as rare, and impressive, as hearing silence in five straight questions on Jeopardy!

The lesson here, of course, is that Jeopardy! expects all its contestants to be a bit more well-rounded than they were on Thursday night’s show. Otherwise, be prepared to feel the wrath of Trebek — and the show’s social media channels.