The Current Jeopardy! Champion Is Now Second To Ken Jennings In Total Winnings

04.15.19 3 months ago


James Holzhauer is crushing it on Jeopardy!, and now he’s only got Ken Jennings to chase down. The professional Vegas sports bettor has dominated Jeopardy! since he made it on the trivia show, making history with the highest single-game win total last week.

He beat Roger Craig’s record of $77,000 won in a single day with a winning total of more than $110,000. He’s cruised to a five-day streak, ensuring he will be in the Tournament of Champions in the future. But on Monday his dominance went to another level.

Holzhauer won for the eighth straight day on Monday and now has won $460,479, good for second all-time in the show’s history. He was close to the mark on Friday, but his big day on Monday put him well over the top of Austin Rogers and Dave Madden, who had previously held second place on the list.

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