Jerry Garcia Will Be Tripping Balls and Watching Baseball in Heaven

08.06.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

Despite routinely getting a good crowd at home games, the San Francisco Giants have relied on a steady diet of promotional nights to bring in fans. The team’s management must really know their city well, because all of the Dead Heads in the San Francisco area will head on down to AT&T Park Monday for Jerry Garcia Night. Well, not all of the Dead Heads. That’s what we in the medical profession call an epidemic. The promotion is honoring the 15th anniversary of the guitarist’s death, and is guaranteed to be the highest concentration of hippies in baseball history.

All living members of the Grateful Dead will be involved in the day.

The National Anthem will be sung by Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and Jeff Pehrson, while the seventh inning stretch will be played by Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann. As an added bonus, NBA Hall of Famer and notorious “Deadhead” Bill Walton will be in attendance.

Grateful Dead fans paid in between $20 and $50 to sit in a special section of the ballpark. The first 9,000 who bought tickets to the promotion got a Garcia bobblehead, sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s, which of course makes the ice cream flavor Cherry Garcia. –MSNBC

In honor of the event, Ben and Jerry’s will be giving the first 10,000 fans two hits of acid, an eighth of weed, and a pint of Cherry Garcia. When asked if he was excited for the event, a local aging hippie commented “Dude, look at your fingers. They’re totally fingering.” The only thing that could possibly be more entertaining than watching 10,000 people trip at the same time, would be watching the entire Jersey Shore cast trip simultaneously. Unfortunately for me, that hasn’t happened yet, but the next best thing is this video, which has very NSFW language.

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