Everyone Had An Opinion About Jerry Jones And The Cowboys Taking A Knee On Monday Night Football

After making it explicitly clear that the Dallas Cowboys would be standing for the National Anthem, he and his team knelt before the song. As boos rained down on the team for taking a moment before the flag was brought out and before the song was sung to bring awareness to police brutality and inequality (not to mention practice free speech in a peaceful manner), a few things were made clear: People seem to not want their players kneeling or using their platform to promote anything political, and people also aren’t letting Jerry Jones off the hook as one of the most hated men in sports.

In other words, the reactions are all over the place. From people applauding the Cowboys and Jones standing together to protest Donald Trump’s call to fire any player who supposedly disrespects the flag by kneeling during the National Anthem, to people considering the gesture toothless and an attempt to not offend anyone, with a mixture of some who were infuriated that their entertainers seem to be three-dimensional human beings with experiences that may lead them to these actions of protest.

Donald Trump has already taken to Twitter to reinforce his stance against the protests, disputing a report that his Chief of Staff disagreed with his divisive comments.