Jerry Jones Made A Shockingly Good Argument For Why Everyone Should Get The COVID-19 Vaccine

Jerry Jones would not be particularly high on my list of people I would expect to be staunch supporters of doing things for the greater good, but the Cowboys billionaire owner surprised many on Tuesday when he went on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas and made a rather stunningly good stump speech for why everyone should be getting the vaccine.

Jones says he supports people’s “right to make decisions regarding their health and body…until your decision as to yourself impacts negatively many others,” which, to Jones, at that point triggers a need to consider the “common good.”

It is the type of statement that many in leadership positions have not been willing to make, particularly in the state of Texas, but credit to Jerry Jones for taking this firm of a stance on such an important issue (which is a phrase I never expected to write). The part about needing to do things for the common good has been a sticking point throughout the pandemic, whether it be masks or vaccines or staying at home, but for someone like Jones to note the need for that kind of sacrifice with getting the vaccine is noteworthy. There are, of course, selfish reasons for Jones to want everyone vaccinated in the Dallas metroplex, as the more healthy folks there are, the more people can come to Cowboys games and spend money, but even factoring that aspect of it in, good on Jerry for voicing this publicly as, for better or worse, he has some significant sway in Texas.