A Fan Winged A Helmet At Jerry Jones And It Hit Him Right In The Head

Associate Editor

Jerry Jones, for how controversial he can be, seems like the kind of dude who wouldn’t mind signing some official Dallas Cowboys merchandise if you ask him kindly. This is not asking him kindly.

During the Cowboys’ game on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, Jones apparently heard a Dallas fan trying to get his attention. He seemed more than willing to give them an autograph – he even put his hands out as if to say “hey friend, throw something my way, I’ll give you an autograph” – and the fan took this as an invitation to take what they wanted signed and threw it at him.

The only problem was they wanted a dang football helmet signed, so Jones had a helmet flying at him. It hit him square in the head, which worried the security people in Jones’ immediate area. But Ol’ Jerry wasn’t flustered by this at all, as he took the helmet and a few hats that were thrown at him, appeared to sign them, and hooked the fans up.

Obviously, you should take this as an invitation to throw things at Jerry Jones, because he will be totally cool about this and will even give you an autograph. (IMPORTANT NOTE THAT WE NEED TO ADD FOR LEGAL PURPOSES: don’t throw things at Jerry Jones. Or, really, anyone. Throwing things at people is bad. Unless you’re playing football with them and you’re in at quarterback or they need a life preserver or something, then feel free.)

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