Jerry Jones Is Stepping Out, Ladies

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11.12.10 8 Comments

I know this may shock you, but I’m not a billionaire owner of a sports franchise. Despite my best efforts and a possible restraining order by Rich DeVos, being an Orlando Magic season ticket holder does not make me 1/18,000th part owner of the team. Stupid semantics. But I suppose if I were the billionaire owner of a sports franchise, I’d probably want my team to win. If it didn’t, I’d probably go out, get hammered, and hit on anything with a pulse and tits. You heard me, Andy Reid.

Enter Jerry Jones. The Dallas Cowboys owner has seen better days, as his 1-7 squad has been the butt of the 2010-11 season’s biggest joke. With franchise QB Tony Romo down, a midseason coaching transition that violates his own unwritten rules, and a defense that couldn’t stop Khloe Kardashian from leaving a Weight Watchers meeting, Jones needs some release. That’s presumably why he ended up at the Lavo night club at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas last night, dressed like a Jersey Shore castaway and pimping a Super Bowl ring as he posed for pictures with a bunch of young, hot pieces of ass.

Good for Jerry. Sometimes I wish one of the 607 owners of the Miami Dolphins would go out and get crazy. Like Jennifer Lopez. Except instead of going out in Las Vegas, maybe she could dive into a wood chipper. Same difference.

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