Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Spent $250 Million On A Yacht Bigger Than A Football Field

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Last March, a report came out that revealed nearly 20 percent of Americans either “can’t afford or access needed health care,” a startling reminder that in our capitalistic nightmare of a nation where falling behind is far easier than getting ahead, people oftentimes have to choose between going broke or getting the life-saving health care that they need.

In scores of other games, Jerry Jones has a new yacht!

According to a report by the local CBS affiliate in Dallas, Jones, whose net worth is estimated to be around $6.8 billion, dropped a quarter of a billion dollars on a new yacht that measures a startling 109 meters. For those of us not on the metric system, that means his yacht is nearly 120 yards long, making it bigger than a football field.

More details of the yacht are available via the aforementioned CBS affiliate.

According to the yacht’s manufacturer, Oceanco, the vessel features a garage for smaller boats or jet skis, a full gym and a spa complete with a sauna and massage room.

It also has two helipads.

Here’s a photo of the yacht, via Oceano’s Instagram account.

I admittedly do not know much about big boats, but this certainly looks like a dang yacht.

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