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New Mets manager Jerry Manuel has a clear message for his players, and that message is "I will fucking cut you." 

Shortstop Jose Reyes felt tightness in his hamstring on Tuesday night, causing Manuel to pull him from the game.  Reyes disagreed, even throwing his helmet in the process.  Reyes later apologized to Manuel, a possible result of the threat of physical violence

"I told him next time he does that I'm going to get my blade out and cut him. I'm a gangster. You go gangster on me, I'm going to have to get you. You do that again, I'm going to cut you right on the field," quipped Manuel.

That's some pretty big talk for a guy with the name "interim" in his job title.  When I was interim manager of the Taco Bell I made sure that the first thing I did was threaten to cut the cashiers.  I'm sorry, but the sour cream gun is not a toy.

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