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For the first time ever, Derek Jeter will play against the New York Yankees tomorrow.

As a member of the United States team for the World Baseball Classic, Jeter will play against the Yankees for the first time in an exhibition game at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.

“I haven’t really thought about it that way,” Jeter said. “It will probably feel like an intrasquad game.”

The game is a warm-up for the second W.B.C., which begins Thursday and ends March 23. Jeter played in the first Classic, in 2006, but not against the Yankees.

Not everyone is jumping out of their MLB duds to don uniforms of their own nationalities. Dominican Albert Pujols will not be playing for his homeland, and would have considered playing against either the DR team or his Cardinals team “disrespectful.” And tomorrow, I’ll be playing with myself. I see nothing disrespectful about that.

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