Jets QB Sam Darnold Has Mono And Will Miss The Browns Game On Monday Night

The New York Jets are coming off of a dismal loss in Week 1 to the Bills in which they blew a 16-0 lead in the second half and managed to lose despite winning the turnover battle, 4-0.

It was not a good start to the Adam Gase era and things are only getting weirder in the Meadowlands, as Gase announced on Thursday that starting quarterback Sam Darnold has contracted mono and will miss Monday night’s game against the Cleveland Browns. Gase also notes that C.J. Moseley and Le’Veon Bell are among those that have missed practice this week with injuries but both will be re-evaluated prior to Monday.

Gase gave some details into what’s going on with Darnold, saying that he’s lost enough weight due to the ailment that it’s noticeable.

As a reporter notes, mono can be a month-long thing — if not longer — so it’s possible the Jets will be without Darnold for some time. Trevor Siemian will start in his place until he can get back, but Gase hopes that with the early bye week, the Jets won’t have to be without their young quarterback for too long.

Anyone who has had mono can tell you it’s a miserable experience and hopefully Darnold’s case isn’t too severe, as it can cause people to be laid up for weeks. Darnold and the Jets are working on a plan to help him maintain weight and not lose too much of his strength during the illness, but considering about all you can do is rest and wait, it’ll be a frustrating process to go through for a pro athlete.