Jim Harbaugh Enjoyed A Glass Of Milk With His Heavily Discounted Steak At Ruth’s Chris

Jim Harbaugh earned everyone a hefty discount on steaks in Ann Arbor over the weekend. The local Ruth’s Chris Steak House had a promotion in which patrons would get a percentage off of their meals based on Michigan’s point differential that week. However, after the Wolverines won 78-0 over Rutgers on Saturday, the promotion was amended so that this had a cap at 50 percent off.

But still, half off on a steak and some tasty sides is a pretty good deal, and you bet your behind that Harbaugh was going to make it to the Ann Arbor Ruth’s Chris to take advantage.

On Tuesday, Harbaugh made good on his promise to go grab a meal, so he and his wife, Sarah, chowed down on some delicious meats and met the restaurant’s general manager. In typical weird Harbaugh fashion, he paired his steak with a glass of milk.

Most people pair their steaks with a glass of wine or a beer or literally any other beverage than milk because that’s kind of gross. Harbaugh, however, loves milk as much as he loves mercilessly running the ball on college football teams from New Jersey, so while this is weird as all hell, it’s not especially shocking.

Still, someone get Khaki God a glass of merlot or something. Or maybe he’s just a step ahead of all of us and milk and steak pair well together, even if the thought kinda makes me want to puke. Hopefully he at least consumed all of this with some jellybeans and called it all a deconstructed milk steak.